Student Safety in the Vex Community

With one of the staff being a 21 year old dating a 17 year old, what is the staff doing to prevent further incidents of grooming of minors on here, are any of the staff actually certified to take on this responsibility?

What are you talking about, I’m asking are the staff of this forum qualified to actually do this?

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This forum is not staffed by any admins from the ROOF discord server. I’m not sure what you mean.


Didn’t read the “on here” part my bad.


What is ROOF server?

Robotic Operators of the Future, previously known as VTOW


I think there might be some miscommunication here. When you say

With one of the staff being a 21 year old dating a 17 year old

Are you saying one of the people running this forum is a 21 year old dating a 17 year old? You keep using the word staff, and it’s not entirely clear who you’re talking about.


Yes I am referring to one of the staff here.

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And who is this, so that we can investigate and, if this is true, immediately remove them from the server and take other appropriate steps (e.g contacting the relevant school district, etc)?


I’ll put their name in DM

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An investigation into this is taking place, and we’re talking to the relevant people about it. The accused staff member’s moderation privileges have been suspended in the interim.


We have conducted a thorough investigation into this matter in collaboration with the moderators of the VRC Discord Server. More details about the investigation can be found in their announcement. The conclusion was that the allegations brought forward in this thread are false, and the moderator has been reinstated.

If you ever feel unsafe on this website or in the community, please message either the entire moderation team or one of us individually so we can help resolve the situation.

Thank you,
The G2M Moderation Team


Can someone post this here for continuity? I am not in the VRC discord.

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Take a look next to the URL on a web browser. See that little padlock? If you do, congrats! That means you’re connecting to a safe website. I think. Somebody fact-check me.

Eh, not really. All that little padlock means is that the site is using https. To explain it way too simply, that just means that nobody between your computer and the server can tell what you’re doing on the website, and that the website is probably who it says it is.

It doesn’t mean the site isn’t full of virus downloads, or that the people running it can’t see your IP address and abuse that (to the extent that’s abusable, which isn’t all that much) or anything like that.

So, in short, the little padlock next to theg2m means you’re talking to theg2m, and that only theg2m can hear what you’re saying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean theg2m is a safe website.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the cyber security 101!