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This server is primarily run by people HS age to post College. This format allows the staff to see a lot of information including our IP and with this not run by a company like the Vexforum was, we have little to no protections from the staff abusing their powers and pulling our IPs. What is the staff doing to remedy this and assure us they aren’t abusing their powers?

Dis you? Student Safety in the Vex Community

Still waiting on who you are accusing.

Yes it is, I sent a DM to the staff. I do not plan openly say who it is. I was told by staff they will address it.

It’s the reality of the internet that the admins of the sites you use are able to access the information that you provide them, including your (very approximate) location via IP address. If you wish to obscure this information, you’re welcome to access the site using a fake email address, name, and a VPN to hide your IP address.

The staff has no intention of using this information for anything other than combatting impersonation in the rare occasions that that’s necessary, but you are free to hide it if you wish.


So their is no actual protection layers?

What protection layer do you believe existed on Vexforum, run by a company which has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will abuse their administrative privilege, that would not exist on a forum run by individuals?


I also dislike IFI and the VexForum, but that server had been up for 20 years with no known issues of this. However this server has been up for under a day and has very questionable staff picks. I would like to know what is in place to prevent them from abusing this and pulling IPs.

again, you are making this claim about the staff.
from what I have heard, you did not send said dm.

if you had sent a dm, it would have been very quick and easy to deal with said staff member.

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Your IP address on its own doesn’t get you a lot. At best, if the geolocation data is accurate, they might be able to figure out the city you’re in - which is already information your team number provides.


Is this proof enough for you?

Heya, as the person hosting this forum, I would like to mention that keeping HTTP/IP logs for anti-abuse purposes (preventing spam/abuse and aiding in legal investigations) is standard practice for internet forums and other public services. If you are concerned about that, feel free to use a VPN. No third parties are accessing this data, and we follow industry standards for securing any personally identifiable information. Ultimately, some people will have access to client IP addresses, which is necessary to moderate the site.

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So I’ve been on the interwebs since 1974. (foster@udel)

Rule is “write a post, give it to a grand mother or mother and if they approve it then post it.”


It is a good thing to question the security of websites that you go to, and, if you deem it an unnecessary risk, avoid those websites. I’m sure there have been much sketchier websites you have visited without even thinking about the possibility of someone pulling your IP but, if you personally believe that your IP is not secure here, and if that’s a big problem for you, you don’t have to stay on this website.

However, I will say that I’ve known a couple of the moderators for a while now, not too personally, but I’ve interacted with them in person and over discord, and I personally trust the staff to not abuse their powers or pull IPs without a good reason to. some of the staff are very trusted people in my region, and I would be surprised if they ever abused their powers.

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protection layers like this are built into “the internet”

pulling your IP is not that bad. Realistically, some nerdy high schoolers can do much less harm that other people that do have access to your IP address, physical address, real name, email, phone #, etc…

Any time you give information on the web or participate in any activity in your life, you balance the ideas between privacy and safety. If you want moderation, then you lose privacy and a little bit of freedom, but if you want those things, you can’t expect people to come down on moderation topics…

Citing the newness of the site as a vulnerability is kind of a duh move imo. The people running it are working to improve it still; there are things to be fixed at this point. Things like this don’t happen in a day…


oh no not your IP, they might be able to figure out what state you live in and who your ISP is!!!


also its worth noting that if youve ever visited pretty much any website, they have your IP. The internet isnt safe, just stop using it.


Or just don’t worry about it and spend 6+ hours a day on theg2m!

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This site is pretty safe from hacking right?

I am not currently aware of any security issues with the version of Discourse that this forum is using. If there is one, it will be addressed.