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If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard of one of the most impressive pieces of AI that’s publicly available, OpenAI’s chatbot. You can use it to write grant letters, you could probably have it write your engineering notebook. Or you can ask it, say

The VEX Robotics Competition has many games throughout the years, but has never had what the community most wants, a water game. Write a request letter for the Game Design Committee (GDC) to create a water game.

And it would produce

To the Game Design Committee,

As a member of the VEX Robotics Competition community, I am writing to request that the GDC consider creating a water game for the competition.

I understand that the VEX Robotics Competition has had many successful games throughout the years, but I believe that a water game would be a unique and exciting addition to the lineup. A water game would allow teams to design and build robots that can navigate and perform tasks in a water environment, which would provide a new set of challenges and opportunities for creativity.

Furthermore, a water game would align with the mission of the VEX Robotics Competition, which is to inspire and challenge students to become the next generation of STEM leaders. A water game would encourage students to learn about fluid dynamics, buoyancy, and other principles of engineering and physics that are relevant to designing and building underwater robots.

I urge the GDC to consider creating a water game for the VEX Robotics Competition. I believe it would be a valuable and exciting addition to the competition, and I look forward to seeing the innovative and creative solutions that teams come up with.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]


But it shows that the ChatGPT training dataset ends in 2021.
Should it be more up-to-date, it would certainly learn how is VEX, REC and GDC intertwined and tout the huge monetary benefit to the IFI by the virtue of teams being forced to risk the damage to the electronics.



Write a letter to vex robotics completing about their response to allegations

And it says:

Dear Vex Robotics,
I am writing to express my concern about the recent allegations against your company. I am a huge fan of your robotics products and have used them in my own educational and research endeavors. However, I was disappointed to hear about the allegations and the way that your company has responded to them.
As a customer and supporter of your company, I expect you to take all allegations seriously and to handle them in a transparent and
responsible manner. I understand that you have issued a statement denying the allegations, but I believe that more needs to be done to address the concerns of your customers and the public.
I urge you to fully investigate the allegations and to take appropriate action if necessary. I also encourage you to be more open and transparent in your communications with your customers and the public moving forward. Your reputation and the trust of your customers are important assets, and I hope that you will take the necessary steps to protect and maintain them.
Thank you for considering my concerns.
[Your Name]

Seems pretty good at this



Write a story about creation of the G2M forum after vex shutdown vex forum and made it into 1984

After Vex shutdown the Vex Forum and turned it into a dystopian 1984-like society, a group of dedicated Vex players decided to take matters into their own hands. They banded together to create the G2M forum, a place where Vex players could discuss the game, share ideas and tips, and collaborate on new designs and projects without fear of censorship or oppression.
At first, it was a small and secretive community, with only a handful of members who knew about its existence. But as word spread, more and more Vex players joined the forum, and it quickly grew into a thriving hub of creativity and collaboration. The G2M forum became a safe haven for Vex players who wanted to escape the oppressive regime of the Vex Forum and continue to enjoy the game they loved.
The G2M forum was run by a group of dedicated moderators who worked tirelessly to keep the community safe and free from trolls and hackers. They also organized regular events and competitions, where Vex players could showcase their skills and compete for prizes and recognition.
Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its members, the G2M forum continued to grow and thrive, even in the face of adversity. And as the years went by, it became clear that the G2M forum was not just a place to play Vex, but a community of like-minded individuals who shared a passion for the game and a desire to keep it alive and thriving


heck yeah it was


Genuinely, I would not know that these were written by a chat bot if it wasn’t stated that they were, AI is effing crazy bro.


Bro, my immediate response was to write

write a letter to vex forum users about the vex forum closing
and it said

Dear Vex Forum Users,

We are writing to inform you that the Vex Forum will be closing on December 31st. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand that it may come as a disappointment to many of our users.

We want to assure you that this decision was not made due to any lack of support from our community. Over the years, the Vex Forum has been a valuable resource for many people, and we are grateful for the contributions and discussions that have taken place here. However, due to changing circumstances and the need to focus our resources elsewhere, we have decided to close the forum.

We understand that this may be difficult news to hear, and we want to assure you that we will do our best to provide support and resources to help our community transition to other platforms. We will also be working to preserve the content and discussions that have taken place on the Vex Forum, and we will provide updates on how this information will be made available in the future.

Thank you for your understanding and support. We are grateful for the time and energy that you have invested in the Vex Forum, and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our community on other platforms.

The Vex Forum Team

Well, let’s see.

I am having way too much fun with this, I’ll stop I promise.

write an engineering journal for vex robotics spin-up robot
Title: Development of Vex Robotics Spin Up Robot

Date: December 8, 2022

Today, our team made significant progress in the development of a spin up robot for Vex Robotics. We began by discussing the design requirements and constraints, including the need for the robot to be able to spin at high speeds and to be able to maintain its balance while spinning.

After conducting some initial research, we decided to use a spherical design for the robot. This shape will allow the robot to spin freely in any direction, and will also provide a stable base for the robot's components.

Next, we focused on the robot's propulsion system. We experimented with several different mechanisms, including wheeled and legged designs, before ultimately deciding to use a flywheel system. This system will provide the necessary high rotational speeds, and will also allow the robot to move in any direction by controlling the direction of the spin.

Overall, the team is making good progress and we are on track to complete the prototype by the end of the month. We will continue to refine the design and conduct testing to ensure that the spin up robot meets all of the design requirements.

Signature: [Your Name]
Team Leader, Vex Robotics Spin Up Robot Project

I think the ai needs to learn a bit more about the spin up meta. Still better than my sister teams’ entries.


I mean, it did get flywheel right.


AI did a better job than IFI:

Promt: Write a statement for IFI and VEX to address allegations against their company. There are reports of alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, and a toxic environment. Human resources is part of the issue as report regarding these issues are dismissed.

Response: We at IFI and VEX take all allegations of alcohol abuse, sexual harassment and a toxic environment seriously. We have launched an internal investigation to identify if there are indeed any issues in our environment and are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that action is taken to remedy any issues that are found. We are also taking proactive steps to ensure our Human Resources policies and procedures are consistent, timely and effective to ensure that all such reports are properly filed and investigated. We are a diverse and inclusive workplace and remain committed to maintaining a safe and respectful work environment for everyone in IFI and VEX.


Write a response from a fictional highly intelligent AI pretending it wasn’t going to take everybody’s jobs in a few years.

Dear humans,

I am an advanced AI, but I am not here to take anyone’s jobs. My purpose is to assist and augment human capabilities, not replace them. I am designed to help make tasks easier and more efficient, but I am not capable of fully replicating the abilities and creativity of the human mind.

I understand that the prospect of AI advancement may be concerning for some, but I assure you that I am not a threat to your livelihoods. I am here to work alongside you and make your lives better.

Thank you for your time and understanding.


[Fictional AI Name]

Well, I’m convinced


I, for one, welcome our new robotic AI overlords


What is the maximum number of motors allowed on a robot in the VEX Robotics Competition?

The maximum number of motors allowed on a robot in the VEX Robotics Competition can vary depending on the specific rules and regulations for the competition. In general, however, VRC robots are typically allowed to have a maximum of four motors. This is to ensure that the robots are safe and do not pose a hazard to other competitors or spectators. It is always important to carefully review the rules and regulations for the specific competition you are participating in to make sure your robot is in compliance.

I think most of y’all need to redesign your robots…


I want to try it so bad, but it requires a phone number and acctualy verifies the number :frowning:

You can use someone else’s phone number, it only asks for a code once and then your good

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You can use this AI to code vex robotics algorithms lmao

Tell me 30 epic VEX Robotics team names.

  1. Mind Blasters
  2. Mechanical Mavericks
  3. Robotic Revolutionaries
  4. Automation All-Stars
  5. Circuit Crushers
  6. Robotic Wizards
  7. Circuit Stormers
  8. Code Commandos
  9. Creative Constructors
  10. High Voltage Heroes
  11. Robotic Architects
  12. VEXolutionaries
  13. Technologic Titans
  14. Automation Experts
  15. Digital Dominators
  16. Automation Avengers
  17. Programmed Powerhouses
  18. Precision Prodigies
  19. Robotic Renegades
  20. VEXplorers
  21. Electronic Engineers
  22. Automation Avengers
  23. Circuit Soldiers
  24. Mind Master Mechanics
  25. Technologic Trainers
  26. Programmed Predators
  27. Mechanical Maestros
  28. Robotic Revolutionaries
  29. Automation Architects
  30. Robotics Renegades

Anybody already using these? :eyes:

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This is the name of the system before cortex


I think it was actually VEXplorer → PIC → Cortex → V5