Don’t you hate it when…

Don’t you hate it when vex makes all chit-chat/rumor mill threads on vex forum READ ONLY!!!

After this, I officially lost all my faith in IFI, and VEX. And reading that newest accusation of Mantz, I just wish this would all be over.


Don’t you hate it when the tournament resets the schedule 3 times and once when all the teams are qued and ready for the first match

its bad except unless you end up with a super easy schedule at the end of it😌

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We had an insane schedule on the second one but for the third one we got a pretty bad schedule

You have a timer so you don’t early expand but forget to turn it off for skills :skull:


You read all the posts on the forum, but you still have 2 notifications.

and then you forget to load the expansion in the next try :skull:

Don’t you hate it when a company with a creep CEO and borderline criminal history is the only company you can work with without any major alternatives?

Purely hypothetical, of course!

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Don’t you hate it when your sick so you can’t go to robotics😭


Don’t you hate it when your alliance shoots out and DQs in elmination

Don’t you hate it when your driver wants to score for the other alliance to increase strength of schedule points


Don’t you hate it when your teammate on a 2 man team can’t make your major upcoming competition and you have to compete by yourself?

dont you hate it when your intake likes to implode on itself because of the rubberbands and now you have to rebuild it

Don’t you hate when you don’t realize you have canned air dripping on your finger while you are cooling the motors down and almost freeze off your finger


I have a bad habit of spraying my drinks with canned air to cool them down. not only is it wasteful, it doesnt work and makes it taste like sulfur :skull:


Don’t you hate it when the axles fall out of your motor :sob: ?

Don’t you hate it when it’s January and the qualification spots for Regionals/States still haven’t been assigned?

someone plans to put a cucumber on their robot as non-functional decoration


Just thought of 2 vex forum ones recently…
Don’t you hate it when you go to “Real” or skull emoji a post on vex forum but you realize it’s not g2m
Don’t you hate it when there are 10 updated topics but most of them are programming and the one that’s about building is essentially just the same as like 3 other topics in the past

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Don’t you hate it when 9motorgang tries to revive the gru meme?