Worlds: Closing Ceremony tickets for Volunteers

I doubt anyone here can do anything…I’m waiting for it to be approved on the other one (if they ever will :roll_eyes:)

Pit Admin told me volunteers will only get tickets on a first come first serve basis if there’s any left over after teams get theirs.

This seriously disincentivizes alumni (w/o active teams) from volunteering. Me and my friends are spending more than 15 hours volunteering to not only help the program we love, but participate in the excitement and Robotics Spirit. Seriously, the robotics sprit, game reveal, and “Water Game” chant is the only reason we have a sophomore spending her two days resetting fields and getting back pain instead of doing literally anything else.

Someone really needs to solve this ASAP: why would I ever volunteer in the future if I don’t even get to participate in the whole event?


One of the biggest things FRC seems to have that VEX doesn’t is the ability to keep alumni engaged in the program and come back to mentor/volunteer/etc. I know in my region it’s a huge problem where we barely have enough volunteers to run events. It’s crazy to me that for worlds, an event that needs a ton of volunteers, and from what I’ve heard has a very hard time finding them, they aren’t doing everything in their power to make sure volunteers feel appreciated so they keep coming back. Also, you know, it’s the right thing to do for the people doing this for free.

You can’t run the biggest robotics competition in the world without a ton of volunteers, and those schedules seem absolutely brutal, so do better by your volunteers RECF.


Tickets. This whole tickets thing was not good. I don’t blame you for feeling that way and it makes me sad. We love VEX Robotics, we love the RECF, we love Worlds and the reason we raise our bars high and strive to win a spot every year is not for the winning of it but to be part of the grand celebration and be there in that big place with like minded people. It is what we call fun.

Unlike many other teams we bring parents and siblings and whoever else can afford the very high prices of airline travel and hotel rooms. Yes they bunch up at the pit and are a nuisance. But they come to see what their kids actually got into, what is this thing we all rave about. They come to support, cheer and be proud. We want them to be proud. We want them to go back to their jobs and friends and say “we experienced something extraordinary”. It’s promoting, getting people interested. Then you’re told “sorry only 9 tickets per team”. So you have to tell half the parents and siblings “sorry, they don’t want you in the big arena to cheer for your kids, have to sit this one out at the pits”.

The pits. My teams are begging to change our numbers. We have one of the highest numbers and are always stuck at the very end of the pit section, always facing the gray wall. No matter how much we try to decorate, nobody comes down there. A wall that does not even have functioning water fountains. So to get water (since you’re not allowed to bring your own supply) you need to get out of the main hall by the “F section” doors, find a vendor (since the weird dispensers with a hand sensor are always empty), pay the exorbitant 5-6 dollars, just to be told you can’t go back to the very end of your “F section” by the wall but have to walk to the “D section” door. All this walking and the whole “D door” was absurd, sorry. Oh then the long trampling line to the dome and the constant yelling “show your tickets”, in the end the big herd of people entered the arena without showing any tickets so… yeah.

Love Worlds, will always love Worlds and will always want to go there no matter what, appreciate the amazing work RECF does, appreciate and love all volunteers, but not feeling this new Dallas venue. Louisville always felt welcoming, warm, and happy to have us there.