Wire management tips?

Hello forumers,
Going into next season I want to be as organized as possible, especially on the robot. My robot’s wire management was a hot mess this season.
What are some tips that y’all have for wire/pneumatics tubing management to make sure it is neat.

Thanks in advance~

- Henry 344E

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zipties and patience


It helps to use the vex wire stock and crimp your own wires, but the biggest tips are just adding the permanent cables on last, not using just random ports, and using a lot of zipties


Wires are a gas. They take up as much space as you give them.


I like to color code the wires using the zipties so when I’m trying to figure out which wire goes to what I can tell by the color of ziptie used to secure it.


Oh, and for pneumatic tubing, I don’t have a picture of it right now, but the tubes are the perfect size to fit through the square holes on the metal

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Having a port convention is great for wire management. (e.g. ports 1-6 are drive, 7-10 are sensors, etc.) Makes it easier for replacing ports, so you don’t have to pull up a diagram every time.

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No one can do that we all have at least 5 dead ports


Yeah a bunch of my ports are fried.

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