Will trans students be safe at Vex Worlds?

I’m asking this on behalf of myself and others I know in the Vex community, a similar thread was posted about this last year but this issue has really raised alarm with recent developments in Texas’s laws and state legislature.

LGBTQ+ people make up a very significant portion of the Vex community. However, executive orders and proposed bills are making it a risk for many to attend Vex Worlds. Transgender members of the community are at a huge risk, with restrictions both passed and proposed — some that would even make my and other students’ mere presence at Vex Worlds illegal.

I hope that who we are will never get in the way of the things that bring us all together. Given that VEX has established the location of the championship event, what steps or safeguards will VEX take to ensure the safety of its members, mentors, and coaches?

mae, and a few friends


This was Dan’s response from the similar topic a year ago on vf:

With these paragraphs being the most substantial part:

Which in my understanding, essentially, translates to this:

I am sorry for Mr. Mantz, who has to live there year long. No wonder, he takes every opportunity to travel to vrc events outside of Texas.


Options for our community could include:
-Load up! Get ready to deal those texans back a taste of their own medicine!
-Defensive robots, good options include catapults, wall-bots, and ballista’s!
-In a worst case scenario, have a reverse 8-bar to hoist you away from those that cannot handle you!

As a trans person that went to worlds last year, it was fine.
I didnt really go outside the convention center, my hotel was attached, so the most I did in the city was walk a couple blocks to my friends hotel.

But inside in the actual competition it was great, most people are focused on robots, not your gender, and regardless everyone I met was super nice, including meeting like 4 other trans people. I could go on for days about how ridiculous the laws are getting, especially in texas, but for worlds itself, the Vex community was very welcoming to everyone


i will help my trans homies and stand up to any hate.