What makes g2m any different from vexforum.com?




I think that there is a lot of moderation going on right now by the mod team. I don’t particularly like it, but I understand that because this is a new fourm standards for rules need to be set and enforced.

I feel like labeling the Loctite post as a parody is ok because that post isn’t abudantly clear that it is a parody without already knowing about the effects of Loctite on poly. The post is persented in a well wirten and professional way for a commuinty fourm that is attempting to foster an environment around providing useful and relevant robotics knowledge and discussions. BUT at no point is there anything so absurd that it couldn’t possiblby be true for say a 7th grader, who is part of the reasonable audience for this fourm.

I am to lazy to find the quotes for the Onion amicus berif that outlines how parody works.

The fact that the first post says this illustrates how it needed to be clarified.

As for the second post it believe the title alteration changes the tone to be less agressive and more fitting for the image this fourm wants to have, but I don’t really agree that the change should have been made without any notice on the post that the title was changed.

And that goes for both of these posts mentioned. Now I understand that the mod team is new to this system, but it would be nice to metion that changes where made and the reasons why. The scary part is that changes are being made without anyone really knowing why or a reason given. Even on the vex fourms the community guidles where mentioned when an edit or modration happned. So in other words transparency is key for the mod team to create a safe environment that we know we can trust, and isn’t some mod upset at a topic that is genuinely being discussed.

Thank you to the mod team for setting this up and trying to figure out how to moderate and shape the essance of this fourm.


This you?


Yikes, that’s awkward…

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Ironically, I was caught by the spam filter by posting immediately after making an account. Literally 1984.

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This is not me, I have the same username on vexforum

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you’re saying unlisting a post critical of the moderators is light moderation?

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What do you mean, “unlisting”? I see two instances of title editing in the original post (which is pretty common and doesn’t change the content of the posts, and it even generates a log). And this post is still accessible from the forum as far as I can tell.