Water game 2023

Ok, so I know that as soon as you read the title, you already started to think that this is a bit sus, but when you finish reading, I am sure you will be as convinced as I am. So a while back I did a little job for Vex - I won’t go into detail, but as part of my payment I now have access to parts of the Vex website that not everyone can see. In particular a space called the “release room” .This is where all products are before they get put on the website. Anyways, I saw a bunch of stuff - a new brain, motor, sensors, 9 in total, which I thought was strange because we already have that stuff. Plus, the release date set for these is the first of May, around the time of the game reveal. But when I looked into the details, I saw these products all have an ip rating of IP69K. That means they are waterproof! Also I was looking at the sku numbers, and for the first time, I noticed it’s like a subtraction problem! 234-158. So I started subtracting them and for the first one, 1018-995, I got 23. W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet. Yup, the next one was A and so on, until I had WATER GAME spelled out. Don’t believe me if you don’t want to. But I have a hunch you will be thanking me when you see the game reveal…

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are there images of these parts that you could post?

Sadly, these days, in majority of cases, IP69K means R2R :angry:



Well I guess, to make it secret from those of us who have high level access, they blurred out the pictures, just enough so you cannot see detail, but you can pretty much tell what the products are by the shape. Pretty much just imagine your normal parts but all blurry.

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Here’s the thing that was pointed out to me: the only way to compete would be to buy these electronics and not all schools can do that. I think if they were to do a water game it would be in a few years so teams can acquire the electronics.


Yeah, you’d think

Maybe that is what they are going to do. Release the products in May and only have the game in the next couple years. That way, all the teams that did buy the new products would be able to field test them before the mad rush for them started.