VexTM Feedback (VF Crosspost)

Let me start with this: the web interface for VEXTM is amazing, and if you aren’t using it already, you’re missing out!

I found a couple issues with it that I wanted to put here in hopes that the right people see it.

Using a MacOS version of the server, I open the inspection tab on the web interface, and I can’t re-open the toolbar to get to other parts of the web interface. I have to use the regular back arrow on the browser, which isn’t that big of a deal, but is still worth mentioning (and is the primary reason for this post)

I am personally an Apple person as well, and have noticed that the web interface often loads weirdly on my full-size iPads. For the most part, the web interface still works well, with the exception of a couple tabs: field control and audience display control.

In portrait mode, the buttons become very mushed, text cut off, and sometimes, the text will jump a line (wrap) and cover up another one. It’s not unusable, but it seems that the elements on the page are scaling weirdly. In landscape mode, it’s a little better, but still sometimes a little squished considering how much screen space is available. In landscape mode, when I open the reading list/bookmarks sidebar, all the buttons suddenly scale properly. I don’t know if this is some Safari funkiness going on, because the buttons all load to scale correctly on my iPhone and Fire tablet.

I haven’t tried this on a windows server. Is that likely to perhaps produce fixes for these things?

But, to finish off, I hope this is useful and reaches the right people. I really don’t mean to insult the software or the developers behind it!


When you say Mac version of the server, you mean you’re running the main TM instance on a Mac? That shouldn’t affect how the webpage displays unless they’re doing something really really weird, it should just serve up the same HTML/CSS either way.

It’s more likely a compatibility issue with the web browser you’re using, I don’t get the feeling the web interface is a priority for their testing/development.


sorry for taking long to get back to this!

Yeah, I’m running the main instance on a Mac. While I don’t think the platform it’s being hosted on makes any difference (generally, yeah, a web server is a web server), I don’t know if the MacOS versions might be on a separate cycle that results in fixes applied to the windows versions sometimes not making it over to the other one.

It’s a thing with the iPad version of Safari and scaling probably. I don’t know if that’s an easy fix or not, but figured in case no one else had said anything, I’d mention it