VEX Tournament Manager Match Controller

Just a little something I made

Full writeup can be found here


Super cool!

We have achieved a similar effect using the Stream Deck mobile app, configured to control OBS through the built-in integration and TM through my plugin, that way we have basic control of the event/stream from anywhere in the venue, in addition to the big physical stream deck with lots more buttons behind the admin desk.

But I really like the idea of having a physical device for this!


If there’s any interest I’d be happy to release documentation, CAD, and code. I will warn you though that the internals are a complete horror show and no one should attempt to replicate it like I did.


This is one of the coolest ways ive seen to control TM, if this was around when my school hosted a tournament I would have loved to use it, honestly amazing. But I also think with a few improvements to the button layout/ button functionality it could easily enable someone with no experience with TM to control everything perfectly.
I have some suggestions, but also I have never worked with TM so they might not be the best, its mostly based on user experience design which I actually have past experience in

  1. A designated “mode” button, to toggle between running matches, vs running skills
  2. Two designated arrow up / arrow down buttons, this is more intuitive for anyone to just pick this up and understand how it works compared to everything being evenly alligned circles.

In the match mode arrows would be used for queuing the next match, then with a “shift key” it could be used for switching feilds, and in the skills mode, arrows could be used for switching between driver/ auton and the “shift key” would switch feilds again, keeping it consistent

After that you can add more buttons for more specific things such as starting / ending a match and all the other functions that need to exist. But just with the 4 buttons (mode, shift, arrows) I feel the user experience could be improved.

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The way it works is like this

          [button to switch fields/fieldsets]                         [shift key]
[start match]                                    [end early]                                            [abort/reset]
[queue next match/queue prog skills]                 [queue prev match/queue driver skills]