VEX Open-Source Wiki

Hello everyone! As some noticed, I really pushed for regular, and that was so I could create a series of wikis. This is meant as a general thread to address the organization of the wiki and any suggestions for it.
Over the next few days I’ll be posting up the wikis without the content but a rough organization, and later me and you guys can fill them up with the necessary information.
This wiki is divided into 8 topics:

  1. (This one) Wiki navigation and suggestions (not actually a wiki but I made it one sowe can add additonal items if needed)
  2. VEX Parts Wiki (the basic parts VEX V5 offers, their uses, and alternatives)
  3. Construction Wiki
  4. Programming Wiki
  5. Engineering Notebook Wiki
  6. Team Management
  7. The Tournament
  8. VRC History