VEX Inventor 1.4.0 release log feedback

This is a crosspost of a post I made on VF a while ago. Since I haven’t gotten a whole lot of a response, and I know that more contributors to that library may be more active here, I have decided to share it here. The original topic can be found here.

First, I would like to start off by saying that I really appreciate the work that went into this library, especially the most recent update.
However, I do have some feedback to give on this, in no particular order:

  • Previously, all aluminum had a thickness of 0.063, after it was changed from 0.0625 after a call from vex support, as mentioned earlier in this thread. It was recently changed back to 0.0625. I’m mostly just curious on this.
  • The old HS gears are missing.
    This is kind of a big deal for me and I expect for many people, as I still use the old gears very often for most of my builds and having to pull those from the old library or import them is tedious.
  • All of the parts use the new circle and square inserts that are like the old HS pinion inserts as they are a single piece that fits into the hole; I would prefer there to be options for the old high strength inserts as well, as I and I am sure many other people design solely with the old inserts.
  • Where on earth are the aluminum 5-wides?
  • It appears that many of the new wheel/gear/sprocket assemblies are not shrinkwrapped, which I have noticed has a definite negative impact on the performance of inventor versus the old library.
  • I already asked this, but I have reached out and asked for color coded robosource screws to be added to the library. I have created some with very accurate coloring (on the screwheads at least) and am happy to provide those to help with that.
  • Pre-created bearing flat/screw assemblies would be nice, but I do understand that there are many different combinations for those (hex/star screws, keps vs nylock, nuts facing in or out, etc) that may make those unviable.
  • Will 3x3 angle be included again?
  • Will 0.875" standoffs (now available from robosource) be included?
  • No spin up field or game objects is kind of annoying.

That is all I can think of, some of these are really small nitpicky things that come from someone who spends too much time of CAD lol. Please let me know if I am mistaken on any of these points.


it’s in the steel section of angle

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