Tips for a first time emcee?

I’m volunteering at a tournament this weekend as an emcee for the first time. Does anyone have any tips or “guidelines” as to how to keep the audience engaged and make things more entertaining or understandable for parents(especially those who might not know much about the game), or any other pieces of advice?

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I’m not an emcee so I can’t give you any advice personally, but we’re lucky to have quite a few good emcees here in Arizona. This stream is a good example of emceeing, so maybe try listening to it for some ideas. Signature events are also good to listen to, but I feel like emceeing high level matches is different from emceeing a normal qualifier


Bit late but you don’t want to be loud or annoying don’t be like the emcee at Vegas constantly telling jokes and getting way to excited over 1 disc making it in the high goal