The solution to all my problems

Recently, some teammates and I were having some arguments over something that I would consider to be pretty insignificant. During our last tournament, instead of listening to my teammates, I pinned my opponent for 60 seconds, then when it came time to expand, I didn’t listen to my teammates and accidentally shot in the wrong direction, shooting the ref.If you like, you can see this transpire here!

Our team was distraught after this. “If only there was a resource that would teach us to work together better as a team!” I thought. If there were a resource like this, maybe we would be able to finally get our robot done, instead of throwing cracked drill bits and discs at each other.

My desire for something like this prompted what would become an arduous journey, scouring the internet left and right. There were nights when I couldn’t even sleep. There had to be something out there!

One day, I discovered BLRS’s wiki for team dynamics (you should definitely read it). Suffice to say, the course of my life has been altered permanently. My teammates and I work much better now, we even have daily meetings in the bathroom! I have learned so many skills from reading it, but I won’t name any, because you need to find out for yourself. While you’re at it, you should read their other articles as well.


Explain, and I would sure hope all of you are one gender, not breaking the rules or anything…


We are all males. Our robot room is a bathroom. Hope this helped.


Mine is a closet that is really messy and has an ancient mac. We also found a 5 year old ketchup packet on the floor :skull:

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We have two drains in the floor lol. Someone before I joined the team apparently drowned a V5 controller in the sink on accident.


Garage. The floor has a significant slant, for drainage I suppose. Was just fine until Change Up came along. All balls would end up in one corner of the field. Now we have it laser-leveled and raised on a platform. It’s fine except when you go set up the field and forget that the ceiling is very low and filled with pipes and brackets of all sorts. Ouch…