Team social media

How many teams have social media accounts? I know many teams have youtube channels but are teams on Instagram or other platforms?

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My team has an instagram. Teammate runs in though and I have no social media so I have no clue what is on there. 67101c_vexrobotics

Also, my team takes advantage of YouTube’s community post feature to post updates and stuff.

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My current team has no social media because it’s our first year as a program. I believe my old team had an instagram for the whole org but not the individual team. I think I’m going to be starting up a YouTube channel soon for my current team. If not this year then definitely next.

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946R has an Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
Instagram is the primary account, one YouTube account is for random and/or neat videos, the second YouTube is for a cloud to store match videos. Twitter is totally random and informal stuff which is the least active, it’s mostly used to connect with local schools and coaches


We have a youtube channel that helps us keep up with what we did each day incase one of our team members misses a day and also helps with notebook: