Robotics Room Organization

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Hello, I am Sean from 2150A and I am doing a project on robotics room organization. This has been something that I’ve been intending to do since we moved rooms, but I never had the time to truly get to it. Our old room was a huge mess and while we cleaned up to move all of our stuff to our new room, we never implemented a good system. We ended up just putting things in places that we though made sense, which worked, but not too well. (This move happened during coivd effectively) and once robotics started picking up again so did our mess.

My intent with this project is to figure out some best practices for keeping an organized and productive robotics workspace, and hopfully share any insight that I find. It would be amazing if you could fill out this short survery(I swear its short, its 3 requried questions and one of those is your team number.)

I would love to hear about any cool tips and tricks in this thread as well so I can respond and ask questions. You can also find me on discord in VTOW and other vex related servers.

I feel like robotics rooms organization is a topic that doesn’t get enough attention for how much it can effect us. Lets make it better!


Add beds for those late nights