Robot Statistics | A Game-Changing VEX Tool!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this project with you all that has been in development for a while now. Using the Robotevents API, me and my dad made this app for tracking teams, events, practice runs, and more. Our team finds it to be extremely useful, and I hope you all do too. Enjoy!
Please note that the majority of the app is intended for VIQC, not VRC. (Maybe later :wink: )

Here is the “reveal” video that highlights the most important features:


Hey everyone, I just wanted to quickly update you regarding Full Volume and Over Under support.

Full Volume support is finished; here’s what has been added/changed:

  • Ability to select seasons (Full Volume, Slapshot, etc.)
  • Full Volume scoring calculator
  • Full Volume score tracking/analytics
  • You can now see any VIQRC Events that have been registered
  • Minor UI changes

Over Under support is almost finished, so here’s what’s been done so far. Please keep in mind that since Over Under support isn’t finished, there might be bugs in the released features.

  • Over Under scoring calculator
  • Over Under score tracking/analysis
  • Minor UI changes

Here’s a list of features that will be implemented, fixed, or changed soon:

  • Over Under Timers
  • Over Under score tracking for teamwork
  • Bugs with the UI
  • Bugs with the overall platform
  • More secret features :shushing_face:

Below, I have attached some images of the aforementioned features.

Home Page:

Full Volume Calculator:

Full Volume Analytics:

Over Under Calculator:

Over Under Analytics:

Download from Google Play
Download from Apple App Store

Thank you for reading this. If you have suggestions, bugs you found, or feedback in general, feel free to reply to this post. Have a great day/night!


I downloaded and tested this and its amazing my one question is does it keep track of matches and if not is that planed?

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When the events start, you can view all of your matches as soon as they are available on Robot Events. If you are asking if you can use the score calculator to manually imput scores for real matches, it is a planned feature. Also planned is the ability to specify the teams you practice with in practice matches. Thank you for the feedback.

P.S. By clicking the “head” in the bottom corner of the app, it takes you to a feedback page.


I just wanted to make a quick update on the status of Over Under support. The timers for Over Under have been added. This includes skills, VRC Teamwork, and VEXU Teamwork. The ability to select VEXU Over Under and Spin Up on the home screen has also been implemented. Other changes include UI and bug fixes. Enjoy!


Is there a way to search for all teams under one number instead of by individual number plus letter. There are organizations that are more than one team.


As of now, there is not. However, we will take this into consideration. Thanks for the feedback!
EDIT: Robot Events API doesn’t allow for this. The only way to make it work is to pull all the teams from Robot Events into our database and then manually scan that. So, it may happen, but it isn’t planned.


Good news, the change has been made! You can now search by partial number (ex. 11029) and team name (ex. Drumroll Please).