Race for Regular

Now that the new forum is up and all the old badges are gone, I propose a race for regular. When you get regular, post it here, and I’ll make a leaderboard of the top 30 users who first got regular. I’m hoping this will encourage activity and growth in the new forum and give us a little friendly competition.

A couple times if this race takes place:

  1. No spamming, that’s not going to get you anywhere and flags are going to restrict your regular status

  2. Don’t withhold likes. Liking posts is a part of the community and there is a requirement to like a certain number of posts in order to obtain the regular status.

  3. If this competition becomes toxic, I will shut it down. I’m making this to encourage activity on the forum, not to encourage a spammy, toxic, competitive environment where you’re out to get each other.

Moderators, I am excluding you. I’m sorry. I know you are all very valuable members of our community, I am only excluding you because you are automatically granted the leadership role. We all appreciate your contribution to our community.

Checking the regular badges, I’d like to announce our first place winner, @Zenix, the first person to get regular that’s not already a moderator.

And with that, I now start the races! On your marks! Get set! Go!


Do you need to get the member trust level before you get regular, or can you skip directly to regular?

Member requires you to visit for 15 days, though I don’t know if that’s been changed.


Unfortunately, this isn’t how regular works.

In order to get regular, you must have visited the forum 50% of the last 100 days. Zenix was given regular by one of the moderators or admins. Many other users, will be receive their regular on the 50th day of the forum being open.


so what ur saying is that it was rigged from the start

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Oh that’s to bad. It makes sense though. Thanks for the information. I guess that means the race is off. Didn’t last very long did it.

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How do you have member status 9MotorGang?


It was given to me and many other users by the moderators. This was done to avoid post count limitations


Because the forum hasn’t lasted for 100 days, does the 50% count as only half of the last few days?

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it appears as if the answer is that you need 50 days out of the last 100. (i hope you dont mind being used as an example, 9mg)


Where do i see this about myself? Or is it just a mod thing? Thanks

yes lets do this

Correct, it is just a mod thing.


its a very cool mod thing

Is there any way to see stats. That existed on vf right but i don’t remeber how to find that

The stats Leo showed are private to mods, and this was the case on VF as well. You can of course see your generic user statistics, just not trust level progress. If there was a way to change this we would consider it.


Good luck everyone!(i’m prob not getting into top 30)


Is the regular only category going to be enabled


Would you like it to be?


feel like getting banned for making alts might get in the way of that

It is day 52 for me and I have not gotten regular yet even though I meet all the requirements. Does the system take a few days to give regular?

edit: I just realized there are not enough topics on the forum for people to get regular yet. 140 down, 60 to go