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I feel like one of the main things needed for G2M’s success is establishing its role as an educational resource. As people move to using G2M as their primary forum, is there going to be any attempt to restore/import the informational threads on the vf (if possible)?


Someone already archived it Here and all it needs is to be imported which I don’t think that’s possible on discourse


There are currently no plans to import the informational threads, although that may change.
I would encourage you to make a list of the posts from VF that you want to be documented here with links though, since having a nicely put-together list of posts would be a great informational resource in of itself!

There is also an idiom forming of continuing old VF posts on here by linking to them in the OP, which you are free to use for any specific posts that you think should be continued here.


We are, however, planning on importing the threads that were removed from VEX Forum as part of their censorship, including all the scandal/allegation posts and the list of alternative VRC-legal part vendors. I believe those will be available here as read-only archives, possibly with continuation posts on the active forum.


I was thinking of threads such as the drive gearing catalogue and basic drivetrain tutorials by Xenon27, along with many reveals that held tons of information about the development processes of different teams.

I would make a wiki so anyone can add a list of posts that they want to transfer, but you need regular perms for that :man_shrugging:. Maybe if one of the mods could start a wiki in this thread, we can all add the links we would like to see transfered and we can go about moving them over.

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