New IQ parts bent out of box

I just ordered $320 worth of parts and what I got sent is very disappointing. I found 5 beams bent out of the box. For a team like ours, we have a bunch of 2x16s and it is not that serious for bent parts. For teams that are starting out new, this may affect them a lot. I just want to put this out there for vex and the community to know.


You should definitely try to get a refund or a replacement sent out for that. Those are clearly defective parts


Yup, now I am thinking of doing that. I have like 20 beams that are bent and not straight. Really disappointing. I am gonna try to call them tomorrow about this and see if we can get some replacements.

omg deja vu


Truly a VEX Quality Control moment.


Update, I opened the plates just this morning and they came bent as well. Can’t really tell but it may show if you align it with other plates. $120 of parts wasted, I got back from school late and did not get the time to call VEX, but tomorrow I am calling them and hoping that they give me replacements other wise its not good for our team.

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All the pictures of the bent parts.


This is not abnormal for parts that have been shipped improperly when you have a limited amount of space in a crate and a limited amount of containers that will fit on a single boat.

As other users have stated here and, elsewhere, you should get these parts RMA’d. You most likely will not have to return the OOT(out of tolerance) parts.

If you do not need to return the bad parts, I would recommend using a hair dryer to heat up these parts slightly and then bend them flat. The way that I used to do this while working on IQ models all the time would be to find a couple good flat plates, usually 12x12’s, pin them all together, and put a few 0.5x pitch stand offs sticking out of one side to make a jig.

Heat up the parts just enough that you can bend them a little past flat. Then attach them to that jig I mentioned to let cool. You may need to repeat the process a few times but you will come out of it with usuable parts again.

Plus in combo with the RMA, you will double your good parts for the price of 1 batch plus a little time and effort.


I sent the RMA and the pictures to them. Still no response, hopefully they will send something back today. Otherwise my plan is to call them tomorrow. Also I will try the hairdryer method to unbend the parts. Thanks.


Update: I sent my RMA a week ago and it still hasn’t been reviewed by an actual person.

Another update, Me and Vex has been going back and forth and they are checking with their China Factory. Vex really did a good job with this, they asked if I wanted a refund or replacements. I really wanted replacements they said it may take a month or so to get it shiped out to Us.

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