My Vex Robot?!

Hi all. This is my first time in this forum so please be gentle! I inherited what looks to be a pretty significant piece of equipment. I briefly did the typical Google search. Could someone assist with the value and how I would reach the right interested players. Trying to figure out how to attach pics!

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Wow, that is old.
Looks like old VEX Cortex lights and batteries, along with some Cortex version of hot-swap motors.

As for value, that is kind of hard to determine
The metal, screws, and standoffs should be able to sell for slightly less than what is listed on the vVEX website
The electronics are heavily outdated, I doubt you’ll be able to sell them, except for the flashlights (at a significant markdown, VEX teams don’t really use them, and SkillsUSA Urban Search & Rescue teams use the same robot for years on end)
Gears, sprockeys, tracks, shafts, spacers, and shaft collars could be sold at some markdown than listed on the V5 website

Oh that is the old VEX 0.5 Microcontroller and controllers. Those things are ancient, and only collectors probably want them (I’m not sure of you can even program them). @Sidoti I’m not sure if you worked on these, but what are your thoughts?
Where did you get these?

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Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate the info!

Long story. Got it from a brother. I don’t think it was ever used. Is this a competition robot? What’s the color camera all about? All looks pretty high end for the time.


Four packs of brand new track upgrade

You’ve got yourself a gold mine of nostalgic VEX parts right there my friend.

I see a VEXplorer kit in that first picture under what seems to be a tank driven robot of some sort?

Wow this stuff predates me. That tank drive robot has some gray things on it that could be sensors, could be lights? I have no idea.

The second picture has some old transmitters and the VEXplorer controller.

Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing


2 more things,

  1. Thay vexplorer does look used, but not too much (judging by the tracks and scuffed antenna). That color camera box may have been used.
  2. That battery on the first robot looks plugged in. Unplug it (and also check the controllers for batteries). Leaving it in thay long could cause leaks for AA, and very, let’s say “fire” li-ion batteries.
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If you’re interested in selling these i’d be interested in buying the .5 pic brain and one of the square controllers.