Most memorable moments?

What are y’all’s most memorable moments in robotics? Post them below :point_down:

deer chassis


The most memorable thing is probably the series of events that led to the creation of this forum.


So, back when I competed I built a wallbot that was three bases connected together with horizontal scissor lifts. The three bases started the match stacked on top of each other and then just drove forward during autonomous to destack.

We… Might have accidentally destacked on top of our alliance partner in eliminations once, meaning they were stuck the entire match. At the time it sucked, in hindsight it’s just hilarious.


2019 worlds!!! this auton period in particular comes to mind-- high school me was baffled :weary:


Cortex smoke​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Vex Worlds 2022 HS Research Div, Q137 last 15 seconds.


Vex world 2022, making it farther than any team ever from my school in the tournament.

Oh, and beating our division winners in quals by 20 (should’ve been 40 my other driver made an oopsie). I was in engineering division ms.

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Emergency repairs to an old bot last year. This included the removal and subsequent reattachment of an entire lift system during lunch break . That was probably the most stress I’ve ever been under in my life

wrong button :skull:


brain ded :skull:


Our team sucked in every way imaginable during Tipping Point.
We were disorganized, didn’t plan at all, and our approach to building the robot was arrogantly nonchalant.
Needless to say, the robot we created sucked, so we rebuilt it…4 days before competition.
I mean, the new one worked, but it was also falling apart most of the time.

Our first competition rolls around, and we are dead last out of 46 teams. We were beat by clawbots, pushbots, and anything else you can think of.

But what really got me was when a scout from a team we were allying with for our next match came up and I, with my overly optimistic attitude(what else to do when you’ve tanked in such a way?) informed her that we were dead last and our robot barely worked. I won’t forget that look of dread and disappointment. It was at that moment I realized who I was - the team that nobody ever wants to get stuck with. Our robot was only an attempt at functionality, the notebook was created the night before, and our team itself was discordant.

And that really got to me.


So after I had that awakening, I realized that I needed to change my attitude. It didn’t happen immediately, and I in fact thought that I would never be able to do robotics ever again because of unrelated reasons.
But when I was able to return, I approached it in an entirely new way.
I was serious about robotics; I wasn’t going to be “that team” anymore - I realized that other’s depended on me to do my best, and that I could not let them down.
So this year I used a design process, I discussed things with my team(or rather, actually worked as a teammate), and generally decided to apply myself.
And did it work?
In every way.
Our team collaborates much more smoothly and coherently(Discord helped a lot with that), and we don’t just build things, we design things - as a team. Everything is done in cad before we build it.
And the progeny of that change in mindset(and the other members of the team) is a robot infinitely better than everything we had last year. It’s sturdy, it uses more complex mechanical ideas, has a notebook and design process surrounding it, and is all-around a better build quality.
Better enough that it and the notebook earned an excellence award at our first competition with it not being entirely finished - at the same competition I had that realization the year before.

I won’t pretend I’m perfect, or our robot this year is either. I’m not even close to being the mvp of the team(@cvslinc that’s you), nor am I even remotely close to being the most skilled robot designer.
But for all you teams and engineers out there that approach robotics nonchalantly(as I did), just applying yourself will make you and your team all the better. The potential you have as an engineer is only limited by your own apathy and I-just-want-to-have-fun attitude.
So take this to heart, my guys, and go out there with your best. You’ll get the most out of robotics, and out of life.


At our first competition like halfway through the day we were against a robot that’s gears grinded when it tried to drive never gonna forget that


Make your deploy button all 4 on the back. should be no misfires. You probably already know this tho. Ben OP


So far the most memorable thing is being out of size in 2 dimension and passing inspection the minute it closes.

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This reminds me of my first year bot. We went to comp and we went to get inspected. The took the sizing tool, hit every bar on our robot, and sent us on our merry way, saying we passed.

When Vex posted their response on VF that led to the forums being shut down :skull:

Sister team fired expansion in the first 10 seconds, got 2 of the strings caught in the intake and i turned the intake on :skull:

took 10 minutes and a major time delay to untangle everything

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