Look what came in today!

after like 3 months our order came in (was because of flexwheels) we got tons of exp kits and the field element unfourtunaly we did not get the disks with the goals but everything else we got and flex wheels

image2 (3)


Awesome. Saw the title and rushed to click hoping that Revision 11 V5 motors are being shipped to teams. But yeah, flex wheels are nice too.


What are revision 11 V5 motors? less prone to overheating?

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Nah, I was sarcastic. All our Rev 10 motors died. It’s a known problem, VEX is working on it, that’s why motors are not being shipped right now. If you open the motor, there is a revision marking on the board. Rev 10 bad. Rev 7 old but good. Have no idea if there ever was a Rev 8 or 9. Go to the “other” forum and search for “V5 motors keep dying” or similar.


its a whole lot of stuff not just flex wheels our teacher had to buy a lot of exp kits for our classrooms