Legality of fresh produce as non-functional robot decoration?

Hello fellow G2M forum users.

Our team has come upon a great dilemma. Without clear answers this would have detrimental effects to our robotics career. We need answers fast as to whether the use of fresh produce and poultry products would be considered legal non-functional decorations. The only concern we have is this ruling of R12:

Unless otherwise specified below, non-functional decorations are governed by all standard
Robot rules.

May the wonderful users of the G2M forum please help me interpret the meaning of this quote?

All the best


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This means that if it was not in the list below that rule, you are allowed to have it on your robot. You probably should not have food on your robot because it would start to smell after a few hours.

Another reason you should not put food on your robot is that it will inevitably get hit or something like that and get your robot very dirty


Because most vegetables are nondurable and do not perform effectively under duress, you may want to consider special mounting options for your decorative produce, since according to < G5 > your robot must stay together, and the weak produce will likely come apart during matches. Although you do not intend for the produce to come apart and separate from the robot(which would result in a minor violation), you did choose decorations that you know are prone to breakage, so you may receive a penalty for that.

In my oponion, I would not lettuce, the forum members, discuss the leekality of such rules. We have bean known to be pickle in the past, and to be frank, some people don’t carrot all. Sorry if I threw off the good chives here, but corn we be serious? Some of the things you people say just kale me.

Edit: some format thing with the < G5>


I’m very interested to seeking how this pans out. Please post pictures post vegetable-ification.



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Won’t the produce like blow up when it comes in contact with other robots cause its fragile? The event managers will hate you for that if it happens.

Here to help on this topic, I will be putting this to test on January 7th, at JL Mann.

I will be putting a cucumber from Atlanta in a ziplock bag and using zip ties to attach it to the robot.

I will return will the results.


We avidly wait for the result!!

Update: I forgot the cucumber. Will try again next weekend for the memes.

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Will it be the same cucumber?


No😭 it’s very very sad.

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Can you please glue some googly eyes to said cucumber?


You should document in your notebook the decision making process of the robot component— brainstorming possible mounting methods, different fresh produce options, using a decision making process to come to a conclusion that the chosen execution was optimal.


“We considered a tomato, but high moisture and red color made us reconsider a carrot. The carrot was too heavy for our design, however, so we decided on a cucumber in a bag for optimal mounting.”


We take all of these suggestions with great gratefulness.

If someone makes a slide and sends it here I will put it in my journal, without a hesitation.


Sign me up. I’ll get that too you soon.

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