Is G2M Sustainable?

Hi everyone, it’s great to see a VEX Forum replacement already. However, I do have to wonder whether or not this is sustainable?

For example, both CD and VF are financially supported by IFI, hence why they’re free. However, without such support, how can we ensure that G2M remains online for the foreseeable future?

I don’t know quite how much the hosting and domain costs are each month, but I do think there needs to be a way for us (the community) to somehow support this forum, whether that’s through ads, donations, or maybe even trying to find some sponsorships or something.



Currently I’m covering hosting out of pocket, and @Sylvie paid for the domain also out of pocket. Despite that, BLRS has offered to support us if needed. Other than that, the hosting costs are relatively small even after we upgrade the hardware ($8-15/month). So as long as this forum remains of use to the community I have no problem with paying for it and maintaining it :slight_smile:

- m


yall are the best keep up the great work yall


I think it seems feasible that if it comes to it in the future, we may consider accepting community donations to support the forum. However, that’d be a long way out and something that’d be a very well-considered decision. At the moment, you dont have to worry about G2M running out of money. (We’re also definitely not planning on taking money from IFI to support it, dont worry)