Is anyone interested in buying Cortex parts

My team has 5 or 6 sets of Cortex microcontrollers, joysticks, and other parts, and I was wondering if anyone would want to buy some. We have 5 microcontrollers, some AA chargers without batteries, and controllers. Most of the batteries are dead, but they may still work. Most of the motors have broken wires but could be resoldered.
edit: we also have robot batteries that may work.
edit: I forgot to mention that we are in North Carolina, but we could ship parts if needed.

Iā€™d be interested, how much are you thinking?

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I have not talked with my team about the price, but I was thinking around $75-$100 for the cortex microcontroller, and $50-$75 for the joystick. If this is too much, we would be willing to sell it for less.

I may of put the price too high, I would be willing to sell for less. My team needs some money to buy some newer parts, and we would like to clear out space for the new parts.