IP banned from VEX forum?

I seem to be IP banned from the VEX forum trying to log onto my only account. Anyone else have the same issue? I have tried my home WiFi as well as mobile data (not a public network or anything).

I suspect this may be a very delayed and petty response to an email I sent to feedback@vex.com after the whole VEX Forum incident a while back. I was quite professional in that email, so I don’t see this as a reasonable response if that is the case, but my VEX forum usage has been quite infrequent and uncontroversial so that is my only idea.


I must report that I am still logged in on my computer, so if it was truly a ban it must have been sloppy. Suspecting a bizarre technical glitch.

This happened to me several years ago.

I just used a hotspot and that worked, it’s just a glitch or something


I’ve had this happens to me occasionally when I try to log on from a school chromebook. But whenever I log in from any other computer or even a school computer with an Ethernet connection, I can log in just fine.

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It works fine on my Chromebook, my Chromebook actually has vf and g2m blocked on any network but the school wifi for some reason.