In The Zone and Starstruck Objects Available (likely for free!)

My team will likely be getting rid of a lot of our hard-to-reuse game/field elements soon, so I wanted to post about them here just in case anyone would be interested.

We would probably be willing to give most of these away for free (at least if we don’t need to pay anything to ship it), though if we ever find someone willing to pay for something we have, we would greatly appreciate that opportunity.

Here is what is likely to be available, assuming we don’t find a local organization who wants to use it (and assuming I’m not mistaken about what is available):

Full set of unofficial field tiles from 2016. (These will probably go to some team who needs field tiles and can’t afford the new ones, or to someone else who could use these types of tiles.)

Likely full set of ITZ cones and mobile goals (though we plan to keep at least 2 cones and 1 goal of each color).

Partial set of Starstruck stars (and maybe some of the cubes, though there’s a chance we keep all of those).

Starstruck fence (we also used the posts as makeshift stationary goals in ITZ Skills test runs).

At least one wooden low-cost field corner, plus PVC pipes for zones. (We might keep these if they can be reused for other purposes, though.)

We will likely keep anything that could be used for a new robotics team, and give that to the new team when it’s time. (We also plan to keep a representative sample of game elements as souvenirs.)

Edit: This would be located in South Florida. (DM me if you want more details about the exact location.)