Ideas To Protest

As we all know, there has been an absurd amount of stuff coming to light about Tony Norman and his awful actions recently. Only problem is we cannot do much about it, VEX essentially has a full monopoly on competitive robotics making it hard to boycott or protest this. I want to do something and I am sure plenty others do as well, so, what can we do?


Make anti-ifi stickers out of the pfps that went around earlier on vf when this came to light. Hand them out at worlds and spread the word to people who haven’t heard.


what many people, including me, have done is set the anti-ifi flag as their profile picture. I don’t have the file right now, but you could probably download it from someone’s profile picture.

There is a discord server dedicated to making a new competition, but it is not active. Alternative Robotics Competition here is a non-expiring link if you or anyone else want to help

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