Help with catapult spread

Note: this post may be on the vex forums depending on the 1984 mods

So, I am rebuilding and making a catapult version 2. my first cata bot was pretty good, but it had some problems like it being too bulky and it just being too janky for my liking. the first bot I just got lucky and never had this issue. now with the second bot the top 2 discs are pretty close in the air, but the bottom one is always short and lagging behind. what I found in slow-mo videos is that they were launching pretty close, but I think the bottom disc hits the top 2 and it slows it down, but I’m not 100% sure. It could also be that it has to do with the stack inverting midair, making the bottom disc naturally lag behind. does anyone know why this is happening or just tips on how to keep the spread close together?

I’d suggest checking this forum, What’s the easiest way to start building a catapult? - VRC > Spin Up (22/23) - VEX Forum, and joining this discord server, VEX HEX, in order to get the CAD file for 606X’s catapult seeing as their catapult did pretty well, and to get extra tips as to how you should build your catapult to be the best that it could be. Another thing I would advise you to do is something called “Mingo Mech”, it’s essentially something that helps you get your grouping and catapult spread really good and consistent without taking much time to tune it. Good luck.


I’d suggest trying a mingo mech, since the rotation of the basket counters the natural spin a catapult puts on discs

Here’s an example: 99999P Our Mingo Mech Iteration - Vex Spin Up - YouTube