Having someone to help during skills from mentor to load disks as a one-man team

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I am a one-man team which kinda sucks. In robot skills, I have a route that only involves me, and one that doesn’t. By that I mean match loads through the loader thing. Unless I do a juggling act during skills, it’s impossible to do my driver skills alone. I know that there was a rule in tower takeover permitting one-man teams to have a mentor do the match loads or the equivalent idk I was doing IQ at the time soooo. The question is, can i bring a mentor to help do the match loads?

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So I haven’t found anything in the manual about this, but the best option would be to have both ready.
Ask the refs if you can get your mentor to help, and if they can’t go with the one for yourself, if they can, do the one with match loads.


What I personally recommend is just getting anyone that you know that is of that age. School friends and siblings are an option. I would also find a team you know (or a random team) and explain your situation and ask if they can spare a teammate to help you run skills.

As far as rules go, I don’t recall a ruling for one-man teams in TT, and I don’t think there is any ruling for one-man teams this season, so (afaik) mentors wouldn’t be allowed to participate.


This seems like a good question to post on the Q & A.