Got DQed at Us open. Ref did not know what he was doing

The Us open finals happened yesterday and my team(9007K X-Genius Bots) and our alliance(85048C Null Cybercats) were DQed in a really weird moment. We lost a score of 265 that would have led us to a second place finish at the us open instead the head ref gave us a DQ for no absolute reason . I will start from the top, We started our match and everything went fine. Our alliance did two dispensers and we decided to distribute the disks for maximum 4 point zone. They finished shooting and at 20 seconds they decided to extend. The Null Cybercats extended and missed the extension and decided to pull the robot back for the extension. Both of the drivers put the controller down and went to pull the robot back. After that they extended and we waited for the score to be added up. During the score being added up the Head ref said it was a DQ and many of us were surprised. The DQ was for the two drivers pulling the robot back. This was disheartening for both of our teams and we decided to appeal respecting the refs decision. Both teams were told from coaches and parents about how it is a DQ when we don’t know how it is a DQ. We saw Q&As and found one asking if both drivers are allowed to pull back the robot or one. The Q&A said that both drivers are allowed to pull back the robot. We went up to the ref and showed him the Q&A and the Head Ref realized he messed up so badly that he started making excuses and kept the DQ. Why will Vex allow head refs who can’t weigh the options and the appeal. We lost a whole trophies cause of the head ref dumb decision. How do we know ref’s like this won’t be at worlds.


With the current state of the RECF? You cant.

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