End-game scoring using a projector

Introducing Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine (PARSE)
Live Demo - PARSE (Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine) - YouTube

Scoring Spin Up’s endgame is complex and time consuming. Placing physical colored markers is the popular method currently in use (poker chips, cones, etc.).

We have created a working proof-of-concept system that replaces physical markers with digital ones using a Projected Augmented Reality Scoring Engine (PARSE).

Once a match completes and requires scoring, a grid of digital tiles is projected on the field, driven by a Raspberry Pi. The digital to physical tile ratio is 1:1. Any device with a browser on the same network as the Pi can update each digital tile to the correct color based on the team(s) that scored on the physical tile.

Gray is unscored, red and blue are scored by respective teams, purple is scored by both teams, and black are tiles not capable of scoring.

Another use of PARSE happens after a match is scored, and the field is reset. By projecting an image, game elements can be placed with precision. This is helpful for resetters who may be unsure of the correct placement of game elements.


This looks really cool and would definitely be a cool addition to any tournament, I just have a few questions

  • Does it have the ability to be turned off during matches so that it doesn’t mess with sensors on the robot or distract the drivers? Or would you have to do that manually to the projector?

  • where do you have the projector located? Is it along the side of the field? Or is it directly above the field?

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I believe both of your questions were answered in the video linked, there is a clip of it being used at a tournament and it was off during the match. You can also see in the first clip of the video that it wasn’t mounted to a tall tripod behind the field so no it doesn’t have to be directly above but it is still raised up above(although I think this would mostly depend on what projector you use).

Currently we are hitting the “blank” button on the projector’s remote during matches. We are working on a hardware/software solution to have that be controlled by the app instead of the physical remote.

The projector is along the side of the field, not above.


And now I need a projector for each field. Outside of just endgame scoring, with projection mapping you could do some really cool things to improve production quality. I’m thinking stuff like display team names and match name before the match, project event or sponsor logos on the field, 3 2 1 countdown for the start of the match, all kinds of cool stuff.


Will you have that for states this year?:eyes:

Given 18x18az currently has less than $200 in our bank account and I’ve already spent way too much of my own money this season, sadly that’s a no.