Dan Mantz's official response to Amy_Yznaga

Pulling this over from Chief Delphi. Thoughts?


F.U.N. (First Updates Now) has confirmed this account to be legitimately owned by Dan Mantz.


another token pr response from dan. about what I expected


Most notable about Mantz’s response is that it was not posted on Vex Forum. Chances are it’s waiting to be approved by local moderators! In all seriousness though, why isn’t this on VF were it would be seen by mostly vex people?


VF is archived, no longer allows posts

No, it’s not.

new posts are being made, but require moderator approval before being sent.


Amy’s original post outlining her experiences with 148, IFI, and Grant was removed from the VEX Forum when it went back online yesterday. If Dan were to post his response on the VEX Forum, he’d have to supply context to not only the break room incident, but Amy’s original post as well.

It would be proper of him to do that, but then again, why did the posts get removed in the first place?


Still better than Vex’s


pasted from my message in the frc discord:

honestly there needs to be some sort of disciplinary action that extends past what Dan has detailed in his response

simply talking about an issue that extends throughout multiple levels in a company is the equivalent to slapping a wrist; oftentimes individuals who would perform such horrific actions in the first place will not necessarily take anything away from that conversation in the long run. i say this having directly experienced such issues in my personal life (this is a tad too personal to get into on this --edit-- forum, it relates to my family situation)

the mention of having staff members do something like this is a start: “The entire REC Foundation staff will be required to take a self-paced training course on Workforce Bullying and a corporate level training on Respect in the Workplace.” – but even that is too little. of course, firing immediately shouldn’t be the first step to take, but as someone whose taken many "self-paced training course"s (albeit about very different topics lol) i can affirm that probably around 5% of that information stays in long term memory. most people will skip through stuff like that without much attention, a better course of action could be occasional live keynote meetings (or whatever you wanna call them) in which employees are required to attend, if virtual then with cameras on. furthermore, for the individuals directly related to the statements released, there should be close monitoring and regular non self-paced training at least in the first few weeks after that talk.


For anyone looking for his post on CD:

It is great to know that this is something that is being addressed, and while I think the action taken falls a tab bit short I can’t complain. I would have hoped to hear that a thorough investigation regarding these 10 RECF employees is happneing and the appropriate disciplinary action is being taken rather than just company wide training.

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Copy paste of my chief Delphi response:

You keep trying to distance yourself from IFI, and I hope that your workplace culture truly is different (or at least you are working towards creating a different culture). However, this quote describes everything that your business partners at IFI seem to be doing. Not to mention silencing all opposition.

Would RECF be able to come up with a statement regarding their current relationship with IFI? Your organisation seems to have taken steps to distance itself (such as the removal of Tony Norman from the board of directors), but there hasn’t been any official announcement yet.