Changes in VEX/IFI management are for show (CD Crosspost)

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I am very hesitant about posting this for fear of retribution. I know that posting this anonymously will hurt my credibility, but there is no way I feel safe using my real identity.

I am currently with IFI/VEX and I have been here many years. I am grateful to the many people who have had the courage to speak out. I know those stories and more. Nothing that was posted was a surprise to me.

I can’t talk about my story, because it will reveal my identity and I can’t afford those consequences. I know many people like me who will not post their stories because they are still here, but their treatment and the broken promises have seriously hurt their lives.

No one can stand up to the CEO of IFI. Not even local law enforcement. Not even the local legal system. This small town is virtually owned by this obscenely wealthy man. He gets a free pass. Everyone knows this, because he brags about it and regularly demonstrates it.

The only thing that can stand up to the CEO of IFI is company revenue. I am so proud of this community for showing the moral strength to boycott VEX products until a change in management is made. For some teams, it is a major expense and serious sacrifice to move away from VEX products.

I’m putting myself at risk to write this because I don’t want all this to be for nothing. VEX/IFI stated that they will get a new CEO, but that Tony Norman will stay on as board member. But, the IFI board only has two members, Tony Norman and Bob Mimlitch. I assure you this means nothing at all will change, because CEOs work for the Board of Directors. The same exact toxic, ruthless company culture will continue to exist so long as Mr. Norman is in control of it. As board member with 50% say, he has the power to hire and fire any CEO. Don’t expect the other board member to ever stand up to him - he has demonstrated that he has never done so in the past.

The slight of hand that you’re seeing here is exactly what I’ve been watching happen for years. I don’t want to see the entire community get fooled by this. I don’t want to have all of the public outcry be in vain. I don’t want to see the abuse continue while everyone is fooled into thinking they made a difference. You should be very upset that IFI is trying to pull this over on you.

The market revenue is the ONLY thing that has the power to stop the abuse and toxicity. Please do not let up the pressure until Mr. Norman excuses himself from the the board of directors of IFI and ALL THEIR SUBSIDIARIES. They have dozens of subsidiaries they can use to hide Mr. Norman’s continued control. He even has a company that owns all the property that IFI occupies, and IFI pays him rent for it.

You can easily verify that IFI has just two board members (and they are Tony and Bob) by accessing records filed with the Texas secretary of state, and I encourage you to do so. You can also confirm with a little googling that his company Overkill Properties, LP owns all the property.

Please do not let yourselves be fooled. Please do not let this moment lapse. Now is the time to be heard and cause a real change in the community for the sake of the people that are like family to me.