Cata Bot Gear ratio

I’ve seen a thread on flywheel rpm, but none on catas. As I’m building Cata bot with 6 motor drive and 600 rpm intake with no plan to use a pto, I’m going to use a 1 motor cata. I was going to use a 1:3:5/1:15. The range of the cata will hopefully be 1 disc from behind the auton line, and triple shot from the corner of the low goal barrier thingy. Should I go with a higher gear ratio?

I use 1:5:7, and I know a few more teams that use it too. Not sure if you’ve seen the 606x catapult explanation video, but it should help a lot when trying to design your catapult. Also, if you are trying to do more catapult shots from behind the autonomous line, I would check out some piston-boosting designs that some teams are using as those are somethings that help a ton.

I can confirm, just watched the 606X Drivetrain + Catapult explanation and it is really helping me in my design right now.


Not Ben holecounting his own robot :skull:


I holecounted it.