Can anyone ID this set?

We were given this set and need to find and download instructions. That would be easier if someone could help us figure out what version! Thanks!

That’s a Vex v.5 microcontroller, similar name to the current V5, but it was before the cortex microcontrollers.


Well letter ‘v’ (version) and a digit ‘5’ similar - BUT place value matters - “.5” compared to “5” is a magnitude difference … 0.5 vs 5.0

as far as platform world of difference in terms of radio communication technology.


Not sure, but I vaguely remember reading some document from VEX on how to format their logo in various situations (in regards to background colours, etc) where it was stipulated (or rather implied) that V5 did not refer to anything in particular, but rather was just a fancy name.

by the way, happy new year to all


I can confirm this is mostly correct. It’s roughly the 5 revision of the system, but maybe not exactly the 5th one. It’s pretty close. And the branding was cool.


Looks like what you have there is a Transmitter Remote Control (276-2151) and a PIC Microcontroller (276-2170).
This predates even me, so I am not that familiar with what you would need to be successful with these products.
This post on another forum is probably a good place to start your research.

As far as I can tell, all VEX documentation has been removed from the official VEX website.


Fun fact: If you go to and type “vex v5” in the search you’ll see a lot of those (they were known as v.5 with a dot)

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