Brain placement

I was working on my comp bot and was wondering where yall usually place your brain
image0 (8)
this is where I got mine atm it was temporary so I could test the drive

well, it has to be somewhere the refs can easily push the power button to turn it off.

Our coach forced us to put ours on the top in the middle, so it is the highest point on the robot. He made us do this because it was “Too exposed” on the back.

I do not suggest this because it raised our center of gravity, so now we can pop wheelies.


We have our brain on the back of the robot near the ground. It is a little dangerous but with a brain screen cover we haven’t had any issues. Normally when my team builds a robot we dont think about were the brain is going to be until its done.


We did the same thing last year, and it ended up pretty funny. We basically had to put our brain underneath the robot (the screen was still facing up), it was mere millimeters from hitting the ground.

It was bad… lol

my favorite brain placement on a robot ive made was angled upwards at the front

but normally it ends up on the sides of my robots, because that’s easier lol

The best brain placement is always going to be someone easy to access, and remember to think about where the battery goes


So generally the button needs to be “accessible” that deffintion is very lose, but generally means that you shouldn’t have the brain mounted towards the floor.

People often recommend tilting the brain upward like Amanda mentioned because its really easy to see and work with.

I usualy place my brain in the worst places like behind my mogo mech last year where when pulled back it would hit the brain screen. Or a -45º angle facing downward. Don’t do this.


I usually place my brain on the side of the robot for easy access


Last year we had it mounted right under a sheet of lexan. So although you could see it you had to reach under the sheet to access the brain and the lexan would be cutting into your wrist the whole time.