Best method for same side shooter intake

Hello there G2M members. This is my first time creating a topic, so I apologise if I put it in the wrong category :sweat_smile:

We are currently 8 months into the Spin Up season, and over the months, we’ve seen a variety of robot designs that can shoot and intake from the same side of the robot- the cornbot meta, snailbot / double sided intake, 180 degree shooter (used by 606X early season bot), and 323V-style pivoting chamber designs (for lack of better name), in addition to many non-flywheel designs, such as punchers and slingshots.

Since we are currently rebuilding for our next competition, I decided to ask you all on your opinions: Which method of intaking and shooting a disc from the same side of the robot do you consider to be the best and why??


Might be biased but GOLD! 20002G’s front loading Cata seems to be serving him pretty well