Anyone know how to make a mechanism that replicates this Lego gear?

This thread may also be on vex forum soon, it depends on how fast the mods accept my thingy.

I saw this lego piece that I thought could be useful for a more consistent catapult design. I obviously know I can’t use lego but I looked for a vex alternative. I couldn’t find one so I am now asking the question here.

Here’s what the piece looks like:

The general idea is that if met with enough resistance the inner part of the gear will turn independently from the outer part.

There used to be a vex official slip clutch, but I believe it is now illegal as it’s not on anymore. as far as I’m aware there is no widely accepted solution to this for vex, but I’m sure there are a wide variety of ways to make a clutch that can be translated to vex if you do enough research.

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