6m Drive Redesign

Me and my team are pretty new to VRC and got a lot of assistance with older people. Our drive is 6m, all 11 watt and we already used all our motors. I wondered if switching the middle 11-watt motor on both sides to a 5.5-watt would get us an extra motor. Will this affect our codes or the speed of the drivetrain? Is this an overall good or bad idea? Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Is the 6m limit a school thing or did you leave out the other two motors in your description? Are you using all 88W allowed?

If your 11W drive motors are spinning at 200 rpm (green cartridge) you should be able to replace them with 5.5W motors without changing code or, more likely, anything mechanical.

No, we don’t have a limit on drivetrain motors, just the 88W of power. We have an 11W 100rpm motor for an arm and an 11W 600rpm motor for a flywheel. Yes, they are green cartridges.
Thank you

I would recommend trying to use a PTO to that arm motor or using pneumatic acutators instead, as having less than 66w of pushing power means you’re going to get knocked around a lot and is a lot less competitive.
As long as you’re using green cartidges for the other motors, I don’t think using 5.5w motors should affect your code.
Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:


replaced “it” with “using 5.5w motors”