67101C Endgame Explanation

You guys have been asking for this for a while. Here is an explanation for our endgame expansion mechanism. We used it with extreme sucsses at both Haunted and a Nebraska event. This endgame typically scored 70+ points and it got a max of 78 in competition. Our lowest score in a tournament for expansion points was 60. Feel free to ask any queations.

(also, can we get a reveals/showcase category?)


We use something like this and will be getting pneumatics soon. Our release is really sketchy and I wanted to see if you had any advice for us. I can DM you on discord if that is ok.


Honestly, we just had to tune it. You can see how our latch works and that was the best thing we came up with after a few different designs. There are better solutions, but we aren’t going to leek those quite yet.

Alright, I was also wondering how to mount something onto the end of the pneumatic. I am just lost there and can’t find much on how too.

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We just put a gusset at the end and screwed it on tight with the pneumatic cylinder nuts

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This is how we do ours, holds a lot tighter than just using the provided nuts in my experience


Is that little bracket included, or do I need to make that?

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That bracket is included when bought through vex, not sure about any other way of getting the pneumatics

uh oh, do you know of any other ways possibly not using that bracket?

I boycotted while buying pneumatics. I kept over $400 from them:)

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bend a 3x1
cursed but basically the same thing

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Drill a hole into a spacer and attach the cylinder to the drilled hole.

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I haven’t seen many teams use that, so maybe a team in your area has some you can use?

A shaft collar can clamp onto the rod. Then you can use a combination of screws, headless screws, and shaft collars to build a support.