2.5 inch washers?

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What is the question?

The question is: Am I interpreting this right, since 2.5 inch washers sounds ridiculous?
Edit: Or is there nothing unusual about this?

That’s just a spacer at that point (as it says in part c. “non-threaded spacer”). Basically all it is saying is that the max spacer length can be 2.5 inches.

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So ANY washer or nut which fits the screws? This would still allow 2.5 inch washers, in fact it could theoretically allow washers the size of buildings.

You could have a robot that’s just an 18*18 washer.

Yes, technically, but that is impractical. (would actually be pretty funny)
Also, you seem to have your terminology off a bit.
This is a washer:
And this is a spacer:
Nylon Spacer 1/2" Thick, 1/2" OD 0.194" ID, 50 Pack for VEX Robotics ...
I think you are just reading too far into the rule. It is only saying that you cannot use any nut, washer, or spacer that is above 2.5 inches long.

I would just say that while not illegal G3 states


Yeah it’s just kinda weird the way they wrote it.

I know what washers and spacers are, I just misinterpreted your post.



What a cool robot!


Looks fun to drop with bare feet

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flywheel weight, but its a washer…


Okay that’s an idea.
Either of these might work pretty good, drill some holes in them and they should they should be similar to the vex flywheel weights, but cheaper and the under 72 mm should fit on a 3" flex wheel.
Technically legal, iirc