Vex game stories

For those not aware, first games all have a theme/story. This ranges from storming the enemy’s castle to driving your river on mars and losing the ability to see due to a sandstorm. What story’s can you come up with to fit existing vex games. (@Illyana I think you will be good at this)


The Spin Up disks are supply packets for tiny people and you have to send them to the forts (the goals)? And the string is a supply line thing that helps the tiny people conquer the tiles, and the rollers are supply factories that you have to get on your side?

Spin up: gotta win that 2v2 disc golf tournament


Tower Takeover:

Competitive warehouse box stacking

Your robot is from your “company” or warehouse service
But you have to outperform rival companies so you get to keep your job(move on in competition)
Sabotage allowed


Piloting rovers on far away planets, you have 2 minutes on each planet to collect extra terrestrial samples for research before your escape pod takes off.

Using designated containers, collect the samples and load them onto the escape pod.
You will not be able to conduct research on samples from competing laboratories, but can still steal them to interrupt their progress.
There are also three government funded containers, that can be utilized by anyone. However, they are first come first serve.

Collect as many samples as you can, and make sure your rovers escape too for future missions!


If you touch the opposing laboratory’s escape pod at all in the last 30 seconds, even with a long stick, you will literally explode, and the hand of space god will issue you a disqualification, and even though you got 4 containers full of samples, it won’t matter. For some reason, you can spend your whole two minutes crushing other rovers like aluminum cans, and fighting to the death, but the God’s Deciding Committee for some reason drew the line at transitive contact. Just die I guess… capitalism issue?


Tipping point

4 robots at a donut shop trying to hoard the most little donut bowls with poles sticking out for those pesky purple donuts to be hooked on… robots love eating them. They’re just so delicious to the robot’s little intakes. They also love playing games in the end of the match, to have 4 different robots attempting to balance on two different seesaws just like how they try to balance their time with robotics and finding a girlfriend (aka it barely goes well for them)

Can you get the most donut bowls with donuts and manage to complete the endgame? Lets find out!

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Welcome, to the Great British Baking Show. Today, our contestants will be making Spaghetti!

First, our contestants must work to shred the parmesan cheese. Contestants must fire cheese into the cheese shredder and make as much parmesan as possible. The more parmesan the better!

While they are making the parmesan, contestants must also prepare the sauce. By spinning the mixers on the sides of the cooking stations, teams must mix the ingredients of their pasghetti sauce and get it prepared for when the noodles finish cooking.

After many minutes cooking, the spaghetti noodles are almost done. During the last 10 minutes of the time, teams must dish out their spaghetti. Teams will be judged not on how beautiful their display is, but how much space the display takes up. But be careful! If any spaghetti falls off the plate, you’re out!

Happy Baking!


Change up:

Spin up-
Evacuate people from the ground into bunkers or helicopters before everyone gets nuked by string shooters.


Spin up is actually about policemen and robbers. There are 2 teams of policemen, each trying to get as much of the money as they can from the robbers. However, the policemen get payed more, the more money they take from the robbers. They also have to spin the locks to close the banks. The policemen who lock the bank last get more money. At the end, the policemen use their tasers to stun as many robbers as possible before they get away. Again, more tased robbers = more money.


Over Under-

Long, long ago, there were the reds and blues. They were once great friends, and always enjoyed playing simple games of soccer, or rugby, or even cricket. Now as generations went by, their competition grew, as did their rule list. One day, an entrepreneur named IFI decided to stop by, and flame their rivalry, while spitting more rules into their once simple game.

Now, they decided to bring their competition to a headway in a legendary battle, located at the Mall of America.

There, the Reds and Blues became crafty, creating catapults, and nets to counter catapults. Walls, and high speed battering rams to counter these walls.

When it was said and done, the Reds had claimed victory, but Blue was ready for more. And so, to this day, their rivalry grows. From a simple game of soccer or rugby or cricket, to a nightmare of wars and catapults.

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This is actually one of the online challenges, and you can see the old entries in the system at It’s called Theme It Up.