Helpfull cad creations

Hi everyone! I have some creations of mine that I thought might be useful to someone else out there. Here’s a 1:1 motor cartridge I created, slop reducing inserts for old vex wheels, and a scuff controller with screw joints.
If anyone else has any cad creations that they want to share with everyone, go ahead and put them here.
1:1 motor cartridge
Vex wheel slop reduction insert
Screw joint strengthened scuffed controller adapter


These are really neat. Thanks for shareing! I really like the 1:1 cart because its a very cool design that i haven’t seen before.


This 1:1 cart looks so much better than the rubber band ones, I wish I could make one, but I don’t have a laser cutter :cry:

Too bad that we cant 3d print it :sob:

Yesterday I had a thought. Could I print a 1/16 thick sheet of abs and cut that into this?